CHAPTER I - Quantum Physics and the Muhammadan Light

III – Miracles in Quantum Physics

The strange scientific phenomena that are often recorded in quantum physics are generally caused by the wave properties of the particles.  One of such scientific phenomena is the experiment known as the double-slit experiment.

1 – The Double-Split Experiment

In simple terms, this scientific experiment is the displacement of particles (usually electrons) as waves.  Discrete elements usually move as particles because only waves are able to propagate in wave-like manners.  But the double-slit experiment proves that particles have the ability to use their wave properties to relocate themselves behind a physical barrier.  In spiritual terms, the experiment reveals that a particle  may use the portion of the Muhammadan Light that is hidden in itself in order to move freely in space and time.

Dr. Serway explains the experiment in the following terms:

“Consider the Double-Slit graph one more time (see Figure 8 below): when both slits are open, it is tempting to assume that each particle goes through either slit 1 or slit 2.  However, the experimental results contradicts this assumption.  Thus, our assumption that each particle is localized and goes through only slit when both slits are open must e wrong (a painful conclusion!).  Somehow, the wave property of the electron has a presence at both slits (…).  To interpret these results, we are forced to conclude that a particle’s wave property interacts with both slits simultaneously (…).  In effect, we can say only that the particle passes through both silts!”
Serway.  Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Vol 2. P.1323.

In the Holy Name of God, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful,
With peace and blessings upon His Prophet Muhammad SAW
upon his holy family, and upon his blessed Companions.
Bridging the Gap between Spirituality and Science
The wave property of the electron has a presence at both slits b and c.  There is an interference pattern representing the number of electrons arriving at position d.  Interference is an exclusive property of waves.  Since such an interference pattern cannot occur if electrons behave as discrete particles we must infer that the electrons are behaving as waves.  Serway concludes that the electrons are able to be at two different places at the same time.  The electrons’ wave properties allow them to break a fundamental law of physics.

Since electrons make up every component of matter in the universe, human beings included, one may argue that an individual may use his or her wave property in order to bend the physical laws of this world and move freely in space.  Renowned Islamic scholar Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani (q) explains this phenomenon as follows:

“It is possible for a person to be physically [present] at several places at the same time.  Indeed, once you master every single part of your physical body with your will-power, you may dress your physical body with your spiritual body.  Your spiritual body is then no longer imprisoned in your physical body.  Instead, you pull your spiritual body over the physical.  Then physical laws like time and space do not apply anymore.  You can then fly even to Heaven without wings, just with your will.  The condition for such powers is that a person is completely in charge: that the will-power controls, not the desires.  A person on such a level is holy and will not act according to their own will, but to the Lord’s: Thy Will be done.”
Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Haqqani.  Excerpt from a spiritual association.

2 – The Experiments of the Particle Confined in a Box

This scientific experiment further proves that a physical object may use its spiritual energy to bend the world’s physical laws.  In this experiment, particles literally transport themselves through space without traveling any distance.

Generally speaking, if a particle is confined to bouncing back and forth between the impenetrable edges of a closed box then its motion is easy to describe.  In figure 9, the square box represents a closed physical box in which a particle is confined.  The bouncing line represents the path of the particle which is bouncing back and forth between the edges of the box.

According to classical physics, the particle will always be found inside the box.  However the laws of quantum physics predict that there is a chance for the bouncing particle to find itself at various locations in space outside the box.  It is as if the particle is transporting itself in space through its internal wave energy.

Dr. Serway explains the experiment as follows:

“[The experiment proves that] there are points within the box at which it is impossible to find the particle (…).  But how does our particle get from one place to another when no probability exists for its ever being at points between?  This is one of the bizarre consequences of quantum mechanics.  We must give up our notion that a particle moves from one point to another by occupying all intervening positions.  In quantum mechanics, objects are not viewed as particles but as more complicated things having both particle and wave attributes.”
Serway.  Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Vol 2.  P. 1335.

Dr. Serway’s question about the non-intuitive travel of the electron is answered by Physicist Dr. Gribbin of the University of Sussex:

“Photons and other forms of electromagnetic radiation are timeless, since they travel at light-speed.  Since they are timeless, they are everywhere along their path at once.  And their path is basically the universe.  In other words once a wave is released, it exists everywhere at once.  Stated in another way, “everything in the universe, past present and future, is connected to everything else, in a web of electromagnetic radiation that sees everything at once.”
Dr. John Gribbin.  School of Life Sciences.  The University of Sussex

Mateen Siddiqi and Ziad Sidawi further commented on the timeless and non-localization of particles:

“It is understood that once you emit any form of radiation, it becomes available to every point in the universe instantly, because while to the observer it takes a very long time to reach whatever the edge of the universe is, the fact is the path that it will traverse, which is in fact the entire universe, as a wave travels everywhere, and since the wave experiences no time whatsoever, it is immediately connected to each and every “corner” of the universe”.
Siddiq and Sidawi.  Excerpt from a spiritual commentary.

3 – Tunneling through a Barrier

This experiment describes how a particle may use its wave property to pass through a physical barrier.  This phenomenon is called quantum tunneling.

Dr. Serway explains quantum tunneling in the following terms:

“A very interesting phenomenon occurs when a particle strikes a barrier of finite height and width.  Consider a particle of energy E incident on a rectangular barrier (figure 10).  Classically, the particle is reflected because it does not have sufficient energy to cross or even penetrate the barrier.  Thus, regions II and III are classically forbidden to the particle.  According to quantum mechanics, however, all regions are accessible to the particle, regardless of its energy, because the amplitude of the de Broglie matter wave associated with the particle is nonzero everywhere.  A typical waveform for this case, illustrated in the figure, shows the wave penetrating into the barrier and beyond.  The wave functions are sinusoidal to the left (region I) and right (region III) of the barrier and join smoothly with an exponentially decaying function within the barrier (region II).
This barrier penetration is in complete contradiction to classical physics.  The possibility of finding the particle on the far side of the barrier is called tunneling or barrier penetration.  Hard as it is to believe, there is a finite possibility that a marble placed inside a shoebox will suddenly appear outside the box!”
Serway.  Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Vol 2.  P. 1340.

One may draw from these experiments a very simple yet powerful conclusion: quantum tunneling demonstrates that the wave nature of matter can be used to create events that cannot be explained by classical physics.  These events are called karama in Arabic, which literally means “miracle”.

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