CHAPTER I - Quantum Physics and the Muhammadan Light

II – Secrets from E=mc2

1 – Einstein’s Mass-Energy Equation is the Muhammadan Light

The mass-energy equation is given by the formula:

In the Holy Name of God, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful,
With peace and blessings upon His Prophet Muhammad SAW
upon his holy family, and upon his blessed Companions.
Bridging the Gap between Spirituality and Science
where E is the energy of an object, m its mass and c the speed of light.  This equation states that the energy of an object is equal to its mass times the speed of light squared.

Let us take a closer look at Einstein’s equation.  Dividing both sides of the equation by m, the object’ s mass, we get:

This equation is mathematically the same as equation (2).  We simply re-arranged the variables in a more suitable way, leaving the velocity of light on one side and the two other components on the other.  Mathematically speaking, this new equation, which is new in form only and not in substance, states that the velocity of light depends on two variables: an object’s internal energy and its mass.

From a spiritual viewpoint, the speed of light c represents the Prophetic or Muhammadan Light we described earlier; the energy E represents the spiritual world and the mass M represents the material world.  Consequently, equation (3) states that the Muhammadan Light is equal to the ratio of the two characteristics of any created entity: its spiritual reality and its physical one.

This conclusion is in perfect harmony with the 2nd postulate which states that light has two components or two “faces”: a spiritual one and a material one.  Let us recall that this assertion is verified by the Prophet’s saying:

“I have one face with the Creator and I have one face with creation.”
Hadith related by Shaykh Kabbani in History and Guidebook of the Saints of the Golden Chain.

In this saying, the term “Creator” represents the spiritual reality which is made up of pure, heavenly energy, while the term “creation” represents the material reality which is made up of physical matter and created substance.  Below is Einstein’s mass-energy equation interpreted as a manifestation of the Muhammadan Light.

In Islamic terms, energy is referred to as hayat while matter is called dunya.  Thus the Muhammadan Light has two components: hayat and dunya.

2 – Secrets of the Squared Light

In Einstein’s mass-energy equation we notice that the light’s velocity c is squared.  It should therefore be read as c x c.  This squared velocity is a manifestation of the constant and exponential ascension of the Muhammadan Light.  Indeed, the Prophet’s light is multiplied by itself at every moment as described and documented by Islamic scholars.  Speaking about this reality, Shaykh Kabbani explains:

“The Prophet said: ‘God is raising me mithlaini, mithlaini (double, double) in the higher levels’. 
The Prophet’s ascension increases by twice the previous level at every moment.  This is an ascension [of light] multiplied by itself.”
Shaykh Kabbani

The squared velocity of light is also hidden in a verse of the Holy Quran called the Verse of Light (Ayat al Nur).  This verse is as follows:

“God is the Light of Heavens and earth.
The similitude of His Light is as a niche wherein is a lamp,
The lamp is in a glass.  The glass is as it were a shining star.
(This lamp) is kindled from a blessed tree,
An olive neither of the East nor of the West,
Whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it.
Light upon Light, God guides unto His light whom He wills.
And God speaketh to mankind in allegories,
for God is Knower of all things.”
Holy Quran – Verse an-Nur, 24:35

In this Verse, God refers to the divine light as “Light upon Light” and renowned Islamic scholars, such as Imam Ghazzali in his book Mishkat al Anwar (The Niche of Secrets), agree that this divine light is in fact the prophetic or Muhammadan Light. According to the 3rd postulate, the manifestation of this characteristic of the prophetic light is found in the squared light of Einstein’s mass-energy equation.  “Light upon Light” literally means light that is reflected upon itself, i.e., c x c.

3 – Einstein’s Mass-Energy Equation is the Holy Verse of Light

In the Verse of Light, God says the similitude of the Muhammadan Light is that of a niche where there is a lamp that is enclosed in a glass which is shinning like a brilliant star.  The lamp carries some light that is generated by a medium that is “neither of the East nor of the West”, which, Islamic scholars agree, mean “not from this world”.  Therefore, the lamp carries a light that is not from the physical or material world.  This light is the spiritual light of the heaven.

The lamp carrying this spiritual light is enclosed in a glass that is as a “shining star”.  The glass is the physical container of the lamp which is carrying the spiritual light.  So the glass or physical container is a light itself.  This is the physical light of the universe.

These two lights represent the same light that is illuminating two different realities: the spiritual one and the material one.  Since the two light are in fact one in essence, they are therefore reflected upon each other.  Thus, God concludes: “Light upon Light”.

The “niche” represents light as we know it and the lamp and the glass are its spiritual and physical properties, respectively.  Einstein’s mass-energy equation is therefore a manifestation of the verse of Light.

Einstein proved that an object’s mass carries some energy E.  Therefore the radio E/M (energy over mass) is also the mathematical manifestation of the term “Light upon Light”.  Literally speaking, one could read E/M as “light over light” which would mean “spiritual light over material light”, as expressed in figure 7.
A closer look at the radio of E/M reveals that the spiritual light is on top of the material one.  The ratio is only equal to the speed of light when the spiritual light is the numerator of the equation.  This mathematical truth reveals the superiority of the heavenly world which is above the material world and possesses a higher value.

4 – Scientific Proof of the Existence of Life in Matter

According to spiritual and religious beliefs, every created object (from the immensely huge galaxies to the infinitely small atomic particles) possesses a spiritual soul that makes it alive.  The 3rd postulate guarantees the existence of this reality in modern science.

In 1923, a French scientist named Louis de Broglie (1892-1987) argued that all particles in the universe possess both wave and particle properties.  Author and world-renowned scientist Dr. Serway comments:

“In his doctoral dissertation, Louis de Broglie postulated that because photons have both wave and particle characteristics, perhaps all forms of matter have both properties.  This was a highly revolutionary idea with  no experimental confirmation at that time.  According to de Broglie, electrons, just like light, have a dual particle-wave nature.  Accompanying every electron is a wave (not an electromagnetic wave).  Only three years later, in 1926, C.J. Davisson (1881-1958) and L.H. Germer (1896-1971) of the United States succeeded in measuring the wavelength of electrons.  Their important discovery provided the first experimental confirmation of the matter waves proposed by de Broglie.”
Serway.  Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Vol 2.  P. 1311-1312

De Broglie was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1929 for his prediction of the wave nature of particles.  His discovery implies that every physical object carries a part of the Muhammadan Light in itself, thus exhibiting the dual wave-matter characteristics of this light.  This assertion is verified by Islamic scholars who agree that the Prophet (SAW) is present within every created particle or creation, including human being, as stated by the Holy Quran:

“Know that the Prophet is within you.”
Wa’ alamu anna feekum Rasulullah
Holy Quran 49:7

Shaykh Kabbani explains this verse as follows:

“That [Holy Verse] is giving a hidden meaning here. 
[It] means that the Prophet’s presence must exist at all times for all the people, for mankind to follow.  [God] did not say he is “baynakum”,
which means “among you”, but He said “feekum” – “in you”.
The Holy Quran is delicate in every letter and every sentence.
If the Prophet is in us, so then God is saying to us here, “where then is he now?”.
Shaykh Kabbani.  Comments from a spiritual discourse.

Therefore the Muhammadan Light is an eternal and constant component of every particle.  The presence of the Muhammadan Light in every type of matter guaranties the presence of the spiritual energy that is needed to bend the physical laws of the world.  Indeed, scientists discovered that the particles’ wave properties allow them to cross the physical boundaries set by science.

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