Allah (SWT)'s Greatest Name - by Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani
Sohba by Mawlana Shaykh Hisham  -   07-14-2003

  • GrandShaykh Nazim (Q.S.) appearing in space
  • Quantum Transformation vs. Frame Division Power
  • Secrets of DNA

Allah swt created you on the Day of Promises, when He asked alastu bi-rabbikum and human beings in their spirit form they said, Yes, from that moment till their places in paradise or in hell, whatever is written, from that time of alastu bi-rabbikum... bala, until the judgment when Allah judges everyone and sends them to paradise to hell, and from their levels of stations in paradise and the descent in levels down in hell... every moment and every fraction of a second, how many fractions of a second can you divide?  An infinite number of fractions of a second that you can cut it down. they say when you want to send video by streaming, that you need a maximum of 30 frames per second in order to appear as motion, but it is not 30 frames, it goes down to infinite number of frames in a second. That extent the DNA which contains information that Allah swt has put from the day of alastu bi-rabbikum until our final judgment day either in paradise or in hell and to what level in paradise we reach and to the highest level you can reach in paradise or lowest level in hellfire it stops there and then it goes to another dna, that you cannot find, it will be another cycle of DNA, what is going to happen. all this information to the lowest possible fraction of a second that you can imagine is by itself a whole complex mind.

It is not only something small for a certain moment in your lifetime. No it goes into ilm al-haqaiq, in the depths of the reality of  knowledge and the certainty of Realities. From these fractions of seconds, awliyaullah can pull out knowledge called ilm al-yaqeen, ayn al-yaqeen haqq al-yaqeen.  It means millions, not millions, but countless amount of information that theuu are pulling out ...  Not only that, these trillions of cells and billions of proteins, they are becoming receivers in 23 continents.  What are these continents? what will be coming from these continents?  This is a complete different cycle of knowledge. All of these smallest fraction of a second, is by itself a way to rise up to a higher of knowledge pulling out what they can pull out of these 3 realities ilm al-yaqeen, ilm al, haqq ul... dispersing to the whole DNA system you are made of and giving it out to humanity or giving it out to humanity and also to other creations that allah swt has created... all that is in  what they are discovering today in dna, blueprints.

It is said in hadith that Allah swt has created Adam on His image, His picture. it means that Allah swt reflected ,with Adam as a symbol of humanity from the bahr al-`ulum He reflected that light. That is why he said in the hadith ma zaala abdee... hatta until end of hadith: Allah will be his eyes, his ears, up to the continuation of the hadith which some scholars today say it is not strong enough, but it is, and it goes: "hatta yakunu Rabbaniyyan, yaqulu li shayyin kun fayakun". He will be godly, say to something and it will be.

Wa laqad karamna bani adama. "We honored human beings". Honored them how?  To have couches or cars or planes? Honored according to His greatness!  There is no description of His greatness! That is why there is no way to describe the honoring He gave us.  That is why when they study this and they are going to discover more of this DNA, they say that they now have discovered 3% and they don't know 97% and when they study the remaining 97% they will find that all that they know out of this 100%, it only represents 1% of this previous 100%, and they are going to continue discovering like that and this dunya will be ending before they reach that. But when Seydina Mahdi (AS) comes, knowledge will be given by reflection into the eyes.  At that time knowledge will go from eyes to eyes. Downloading, from the heart of Mahdi (AS) to his ministers, to his khalifas, to his deputies, to awliyaullah then to people.  Like when you are burning a cd, when you are sending that light and that light is a reflection of what is coming from your computer. So it is a reflection of light to the burner to burn the cd. It is not using typing or writing, it has already been typed and printed by the program you put.  What do you think about Allah's program that He put in the cell?  This program that can make the cell understand what is its function from these proteins which are giving information for the cell to function.  The cell does not know itself even. And the proteins do not know themselves.  Why are they reacting with each other and informing the cell to act this way? Because these programs are already downloaded into these proteins and when they want to understand each other they upload what they want and they begin to blend the information.

From a different angle, that is all energy - a reflection of energy.  And when I told you in 1987, in your room, something about energy, I still remember but you are not remembering, that reflections of energy is what is going to be important.  The importance of it is what Allah swt has honored us with. That unseen energy is what Allah swt has honored us. Because that body is going away, passing.  So these cells one day are going away. But the blueprints, they are never going to go away. and all these blueprints when someone dies, Allah swt sends them to the coccyyx. You know the coccyx. Allah sends all the spiral helix of DNA to that, and from the core system it goes there to the coccyx. That is why the Prophet (SAW) said, "kullu bani adama yafna ila ujb adh-dhanab":
"the whole body will desintegrate except the coccyx." 

They did some experiments on that small part, the coccyx, and they took the coccyx of different people and they send it under very high temperature and they burn it. And then when they checked the DNA in it, they found it still alive, not dead. They put it under very high pressure and crush it into powder. Still they found the life in it, as the Prophet (SAW) said. That means all that DNA information goes into the coccyx. So next time do an experiment on the coccyx. All of it goes there. So that means that it is the container, your chip that is left untouched. There is no way for the dirt or for a worm or for an animal to eat it or to destroy it. It is there in the dirt, in your grave or whenever they dig, some people they dig in cemeteries, after hundreds of years, they erect a building or home, it is still going to be there in the dirt, never going away. When Allah swt will bring it out, idha zulzilat il-ardu zilza llaha. When Allah swt zulzila shakes the earth. Zalzala in Arabic is an earthquake, but [the Quranic Verse] means shaking in arabic. Shaking is different form an earthquake. When you shake something you want to bring something out of it. It is coming. So when Allahs shakes the earth, the earth will be sifted and it will bring forth whatever is carried inside out.  Allah swt will bring that out when He shakes the world, all these coccyxs, when they are inside the depths of the earth, wa idha akrajatul al.. When the earth brings out all the coccyxes where all the information is stored there. When the earth brings forth all that is inside it. And when Allah swt sends the rain, every drop of the rain is from sperm, nutfat al-rajul.

That coccyx represents the womb, where is saved the child.  That means the coccyx is where the information is saved. And when that sperm comes, and touches it, the human being appears with all that information which was there before and we are appearing on Judgement Day in front of our lord. All of that is put in the coccyx. That might be very small.  How big is the coccyx? like the thumb.  But it is not all of it. It might be one atom of it that contains that cell that is carrying all that info. That is like the stem cell that holds the information on division and on curing, so it carries the container to hold all these secrets that Allah swt has given from the day of alastu bi-rabbikum kalu bala until your place in paradise or in hell, all that information is there. 

Awliyaullah, from these fractions of seconds, because they reached a stage of spiritual enlightment, they can, if you have many mirrors and you stand in front of them you see yourself infinite, you don't know which one is real. You become like mirrors.  Because as you are building up that enlightment, the light will be accumulating and accumulating, to the point that it will burn the physicality of the body, and that you become a subtle angelic source of light.  There is not more physical body that gravity is puling down, it becomes more subtle, and that is why they can transform and move in space. There are awliya who can move from one place to another, they can be here, disappear from here and then appear somewhere else (note: quantum transportation technique). And that is lowest level of Awliyah. There is a higher class of Awliyah who can be appearing here and appearing there are the same time.

(note: frame division technique). And there are many other classes in between these 2 levels (note: see Imam Rabbani 's sohba on the formation of multiple bodies). 

These Awliya who can be here and be there at the same time, they don't lose visibility because they have more power of enlightenment, Marifat. They can be in one place and in another place at the same time.  There are those who are higher who have build up more enlightenment, who can be in 3 places, or in 10 places, they can be in 12 places, or they can be in 1 000 places.  They can be in an infinite number of places according to the different frames in a fraction of a second that is needed to see a normal picture.  To see a normal picture in a video stream, you need 30 frames in a second.  Awliyaullah can be in an infinite number of fraction of a second and that is why they can be seen in different places at the same time, because they use that mathematical power.  Because the normal eye needs how many frames per second to see movement?  24.  For a person to see movement, you need 24 frames per second.  So, when the Wali uses an infinite number of frames in a fraction of a second, you divide by 24, then many people can see him at the same time as he can appear in millions of places at the same time. 
Your eyes cannot see more than 24 frames.  But in Reality, He is already moving in an infinite number of fractions of a second that means how many millions of 24 frames per second? And He does not need to transform from one place to another like at the first level to appear in this way.

Special Note:
The visual image of a person represents 24 frames per second.  "Per second" means  "at the very moment".  So at each moment, our eyes need 24 frames of the Shaykh to see his normal picture.  So when he uses thousands of frames per second, then at the same second, every person gets his share of 24 frames.  So in each second, you get 24 frames times the number of persons who see the Shaykh = millions of frames per second = millions of representations of the Shaykh per second. If he uses 24 frames per second, there is only 1 representation of him.  If he uses 48 frames per second, there are 2 representations of the Shaykh at the same second (48/24 = 2).  If he uses 576 000, there are 24 000 images of the Shaykh at the same second (576 000/24 = 24 000)  See Bayazid's 24 000 expansions.
Now in Reality, the True Presence of the Shaykh at the very moment is eternal and delocalized because his appearance is not subject to time and space.  But our eyes can only see 24 frames of Him because of the way the human eye works. If our eye could see more than 24 frames per second, we would see the countless appearances of the Shaykh at the same moment.  All of this coming from the Ocean of "Wa laqad Karamna Bani Adama".

Now in The Lord of the Rings they show that a person can transform from one place to another. That wise man, moves from one place to another. Still hollywood is old-fashioned.  The technology of Awliyaullah is higher. That fraction of a second they are using corresponds to an infinite number.  And it depends on the amount of power the wali holds.  This is why some of them can appear in only 2 places. Or some of them need to transform because they cannot appear in more than one place.  But some of them go up and can appear in infinite number of places. We cannot see more that 24 frames in a second, but they might use 1 million frames in a second, then they appear in 50 000 places in a second (1 000 000/ 24 = 41 666 = 50 000 images of the Shaykh).
If they use 10 million frames, how many appearances is that? 500 000 appearances (10 millions / 24 = 500 000 images). 
Now if they use 1 billion frames per second, then they appear in the Universe.

And that is why Mawlana Shaykh's picture in the cover of the Armageddon book.  He is appearing in the nebula, they appear in space. His picture is there. How did his picture get there? It is in the way they move. They appear in an infinite number of places. They have been in space. He was visiting the nebula.  That nebula is the origin of the big bang. It is still expanding. That is what we call al-hadrat al-muhammdiyya. The Presence of the Prophet (SAW). The association of awliya with the Prophet (SAW). You cannot see the Prophet, it is impossible for normal people, but Awlilyaullah visit the Prophet (SAW).  So he was visiting that nebula.  At that time NASA was taking that picture and he appeared in the picture.  There are many things there and many Awliya hidden in that picture at different levels. And it is very very [clear].  You can see it really, perfectly.  And [this for Allah] to show us that Awliyaullah have miracles and all of them are inheriting form the Prophet and all of that is one drop from the knowledge of Allah swt and Prophet (SAW) is taking from Allah swt. That is why these knowledges never end, Awliyaullah never end, because Allah swt gave them with His Greatness.  He honored them with His Greatness, and since there is no description of His Greatness, there is no way to describ how they have been honored. And similarly human beings have been honored in a lower way.

May allah support us.

Bi-hurmatil fatiha.
"We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in themselves,
until it will become manifest to them that it is the Truth..."

Holy Quran (41:53)
Bridging the Gap between Spirituality and Science

In the Holy Name of God, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful,
With peace and blessings upon His Prophet Muhammad SAW
upon his holy family, and upon his blessed Companions.
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